The Untouched Books

disclaimer : dear Grammar Nazi, I’m sorry if my writing will give you some unbearable itchy feeling, make you want to grab you red pen and point out my too many errors. *laugh*

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t make us (me and H) stop buying the books.
We are trying so very hard to cut expenses on that department but we always have a soft spot for book.
If we bought some food which turn out way too expensive for our wallet, we went like, “Oh MY GOODNESS! They tried to rob us! Rp 175k for a dinner?”
Mind you, it’s a fancy Japanese restaurant. Given the place, that was cheap.
But when we were at Gramedia/TM Bookstore/TS Bookstore/any kind of bookstore? “Oh, Rp 365k already? How about I buy this Jodi Picoult’s to make it 400k?”


Another problem, me and H is on different taste of book genre. H is crazy about history and classic while I always run amok every time a fantasy or conspiracy (esp. wrote by Crichton or Sheldon) book is on my sight. Our mutual genre is detective story. We rarely bought a book that will satisfy the both of us. It’s always, ‘your book’ and ‘my book’.
What do you expect? We are married couple not the citizen of a socialist country xD

H is more flexible than I am, sometimes he read book outside his comfort zone (he just finished first installment on His Dark Material, The Golden Compass) and to my surprise, he is still alive. *yay* And he enjoy it! *yay*

So I musing about this. Maybe if I start reading Eiji Yoshikawa’s or Pramudya’s or Choelho’s, Alesandro Dumas (all of H’s collection) it won’t do me any harm too.
I once trying to read Coelho but I never managed to finish it. I gave up at page 12. So I think I’m not a Coelho girl.
But the others?

I don’t know why I think that I can’t endure them. Maybe because it’s looks complex and considerably thick?  (Well, but I read all of Harry Potter books thoroughly, you can not say those are not thick (double negation. ih!))

Or is it because it’s well-known reputation bark and scares me? If I’m unable to digest these book, it will put me in a certain demographic. It will made me ‘that 0,00012 % people of the world who read the book but is too stupid to enjoy Tetralogi Buru and or Yoshikawa’s’.

Come to think of it, maybe I’m not too worry about label. I even long for the day I meet one of Murakami’s works. To find out will or will not it suit my taste. I’m not afraid if it turns out I dislike Murakami’s and have my friend raised his/her eyebrows xD

Every time I saw the shelves contain those book (I saw it maybe a thousand times a day since rumah kan segitu doang, benda yang bisa diliat juga segitu2 aja) there’s some funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. I have these all-time classic books but I never give it a chance.
I won’t find out what this Musashi guy or Taiko lad trying to tell me (aren’t they the name of people? ).
I will never read the widely popular quote “Kita telah melawan Nak, Nyo. Sebaik-baiknya, sehormat-hormatnya” from Bumi Manusia.
I made myself busy with the Bartimaeus djinni until my eyes sore but I only give a blank stare on those classic book.
Oh, poor thing.

I guess, I can’t count on ‘not my cup of coffee’ as my defense. How  will I know that was not for me if I never read them?

Maybe when I get older and wiser, I will pick one of these books, put it in my lap, sit in a rocking chair and maybe, just maybe, find myself enjoy reading them. *grin*


5 thoughts on “The Untouched Books

  1. ‘not my cup of coffee’ selalu jadi alasan saya untuk memberi rangking rendah dalam suatu buku, no matter what they say 😀

    Taiko? saya cuma bisa tahan sampai setengahnya. Entah bagaimana jika mencoba membaca gone with the winds dengan ketebalan yang serupa.

    …ah jadi inget rak khusus untuk buku-buku tak terjamah, bangsanya biografi, sejarah & politik. I guess we have a similar taste in book genre :))

  2. Taiko is quite enjoyable if I compare it to Perkara Mengirim Senja *ini dendam nggak berkesudahan* Aku juga belum pernah baca tetralogi Buru yg terkenal itu, tapi malah khatam baca trilogi Bartimaeus & prequelnya. Kalau dibilang mah, seleraku itu ada di irisan antara selaramu dan Mr.H, jadi boleh lho kalau mau minjemin buku kalian ke aku *udahannya ngarep*

  3. aduuuhhh, udah lama banget ini ya ampe ngerasa malu sendiri, hihihi

    @ tako : gembok rumah pake besi yang digunakan untuk cakar Wolverine :)))

    @ evillya : yessss (ala golumn)… mungkin kita maunya dihibur kali, males ribut kalo kudu mikir keterlaluan

    @ ita : aku juga suka banget ama Crichton, untung pada cetak ulang lagi ya jadi enggak susah nyari nya

    @ abilasha : hwahahaha… iya loh bener. kayaknya emang irisan. Aku baru baca Barti sampe installment yang ke 2 nih, prequelnya juga belum. siapa ya yang mau minjemin…. *puppyeyes* (najong ga tau malu ngodenya :))))

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