Best Job

Iklan Procter & Gamble untuk menyambut Olimpiade London 2012.

Watching this video at first time, if you are a woman, you may already blabbing unconsciously, “Whatever you need in this life, Child.. I’ll do your laundry. I’ll make you healthy breakfast everyday. I’ll support you back and forth. Gosh, I swear I will consume those pricey yucky milk with folat acid during pregnancy.”

But the second time, the only thing that you had in mind is your mother…

Mana dia lagi tidur di sebelah lagi, aduh… Dilema ini punya saya aja atau ada yang ngerasain juga? My mom know by heart that I love her so much, tapi ya gitu deeh..
Baru mikir mau peluk trus bilang, “Mamah, aku sayang Mamah..” aja udah berasa ada getaran aneh di tulang belakang… xD

Tapi klo di sini sih ya berani aja, hohoho..
Moooom, I love youuu…


6 thoughts on “Best Job

  1. I feel you. I’m not the type who express things like that blatantly, so that “I love you, Mom and Dad,” only end up on my socmed. But last month, I put those words on my thesis’ foreword and I asked them to read the whole thesis before I went back to Jogja. I hope they found those words, otherwise that sweet attempt would be a waste 😛

  2. I wrote a small note in the bottom gift I wrapped for mom’s birthday. I’m not that expressive to say “I love you, Mom,” so instead I wrote “I’m sorry for bothering you until now.” My mom only read silently and said, “Thank you.”

    But she always bring that everywhere 🙂

    *anak & ibu yang sama-sama susah mengungkapkan dengan kata-kata XD *

  3. Wooot.. You hear that? It’s time for groooup huuug! >:D<

    You both put I love you in code and in somewhere when the object have to find itself. That's beyond romantic, girls 😀

  4. baru baca…iklan yang asoy. hehehehe
    eniwe ibukku itu ibuk yang slalu bilang “nggak seru ah kalo ngomong sama kamu nggak pake teriak” *gak tau musti sedih apa girang*

  5. @ opat : 😆 rockstaaar \m/
    mamahku klo ngomong suka rada keras volumenya, resiko kerjaan kali ya, aku yang ngga tahan ama suara kenceng :mrgreen:

    @ takodok : klo pilihannnya ngemut paku ama nonton ini, pilih mana? (ekstrem xD)

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