Every Little Thing That Shine

I believe that the title has nothing to do with thing I’m trying to write. I just love how it sounds. There’s so many unimportant thing that occupied my head. So many I had this urge to write it down.

On Social Media Withdraw
I’m not planning on kill my FB or my twitter account and make that like some heroic action. That was just lame. No one force you to create those accounts anyway.
I know I have abandon my Twitter account for like, century (centuries, if we talked about Facebook) but seriously, I never missed them. Well, okaaay.. Sometimes. But most of the time, I don’t.
So I will just sit here, and God know when I will embrace my socmed accounts to my life again.

On Miracle of The Year
Every year has it own miracle. It’s only 3rd month in 2012 but I already had what I wanted for many years ago. Went to the bookstore and see my name on one of the book there.
You know what they said, when you have a dream, don’t forget the details.
In my case, I forgot the details. So yes, this year I will see my name on the book. Not only one, but two. But, not as an author. My name is there, somewhere after the word ‘Editor’.
But two fiction YA books with me as an editor? I bet this is a good start.

On Suddenly ‘I Got This I’ll make Things Right’
Project Officer is such a scary word, when it comes to event that involve many person, most of them are older than me. But for every single decision, their head will turn, their eyes will stare in puzzle, waiting a word from me.
And I was like, “Red ribbon, it is! Booyah!”


6 thoughts on “Every Little Thing That Shine

  1. You know what they said, when you have a dream, don’t forget the details

    So true. But sometimes I’m going too details that I feel insufficient when the dreams come true 🙂

  2. Dulu aku begitu juga loooh, sampe akhirnya suka bete sendiri karena banyak detil yang ngga ada :))
    Belakangan cuma bayangin garis besarnya doang, emang jadi gampang puas gini ya.. Payah deh.. Ngga boleh gini!
    (komentar ini ditulis dalam usaha mencitrakan diri sebagai high achiever padahal mah tau sendiri kan yaa.. 😆 )

    • Wah, pengen juga jadi editor?
      Boleh, ke tia.widiana at yahoo aja… Kujawab sebisaku ya, aku juga masih baru banget sih, setahunan, hehehe…
      Oia, posisiku editor freelance, bukan editor in house yang berkantor di penerbit dan kerja 9 to 5.

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