Least Favorite Food

“Apa makanan yang ngga kamu suka?”

Ask me those type of question two years ago, and I would stared you blankly and gave “Huh?” answer.

In normal phase (normal phase: my weight is under 50 kgs. At the time my weight reach 50 kgs, it was not so normal. I’ll only eat 5 spoons of rice because I wouldn’t have enough money to buy new jeans or new dress so I can dress properly on my new size without feel too “eungap”. That’s why, I need to maintain my weight under 50 kgs) I am a healthy girl with good appetite.

I’m not a kind of girl who always eat in small portion you’ll wonder how could they able to walk and talk with too little carbo and sugar in their body system.

I’m the kind of girl who eat nasi rendang at 1 PM and starving for siomay at 5 PM.

I eat any kind of food, as long as it allowed by my religion. I even eat snail chip which my aunty brought from her hometown while my family and other relatives scream like “Bekicot? Keripik? Y’sure? Where’s the good ‘ol keripik tempe?”

I seize every bite of food. I contemplate every fruit, veggie, and meat. The point is, I was omnivore.

I was, until I met Soto Kudus.

One of my closest friend, let’s call him C (dont ask me his real name since I wont tell you) was the one who introduced me with Soto Kudus.

(Of course, it was you, Catur)

C was my all-in-one buddy. He was my dinner buddy, college buddy and
curhat buddy. So, one night, when he offered me to eat “Soto Kudus enak di Terban” I was like, Yaaay! Of course. Why not!

We share same taste of food. We were food adventurer. We eat garang asem, soto mercon, susu murni jahe coklat, Thai food, Makassar food and all. Our “Enak” definition was 99,99% alike.

It took only 8-10 minutes to reach the Soto Kudus stall. I felt truly blessed. The “mau makan di Restoran Padang bukan berarti harus ke Padang” phrase whirled in my mind, I even hummed that song quietly when our Soto Kudus arrived.

Oh how I love Jogja, I love Indonesia, I love Soto Ku..


No wonder PT. Djarum are located in Kudus. I needed nicotine too! I heard it able to kill taste buds on your toungue.

Soto Kudus’s taste was awful.

One spoon of soto Kudus, two gulp of orange water and I was succeed to emptied my bowl and two glasses of orange water.

I told C, do not ever bring me to this Soto Kudus stall again. At first, he was puzzled with my statement. But then he laughed and said okay.

Up until now, I still questioning it.

What could possibly gone wrong with a small bowl of harmless broth and herb and spices? Why I felt like I was going to throw up anytime that night?

I may forgot the sensation, but I still hate Soto Kudus. I tend to make a weird face everytime I read “Soto Kudus” banner.

You think I was joking? Too bad, I seriously hate Soto Kudus.

But I’m trying to eat Soto Kudus again to conquer my fear.

It was just, I still need some time.

And I’m in no hurry.


I hate cheese burger too! I kill and eat cheese burger every time I see one!


10 thoughts on “Least Favorite Food

  1. saya belum pernah nyobain soto kudus sih. jd gtw rasanya gmn. hehehe
    eh iyaa, aku udah posting ttg cerita bersambung itu, tp baru part1, part2nya belum diposting sm temenku 😀

  2. emang gimana rasanya?

    soto ambengan, soto di kampus, soto made in emak saya, semuanya baik-baik saja. ada apa dengan soto kudus? (LOL)

    I hate cheese burger too! tapi lebih benci dengan kebab turki. 5 menit langsung lep 😀

  3. @ takodok : nah, soto mi, soto daging, soto betawi, soto bandung, soto-sotoanan lain ngga masalah. 😀

    @ jasmine : soto kudus ada;ah penganut aliran soto bersantan. rasanya kurang lebih mirip… soto. 😆

    @ evillya : ngga tau. bisa jadi karena pengalaman makan soto kududs saya yang pertama kali diawali dengan ngga enak. mungkin kalo di tempat lain enak? masalahnya, saya udah keburu males duluan kalo mau nyoba di tempat lain. ngga deh ah. :mrgreen:
    eh saya juga suka kebaaab. sebenernya menurut saya juga lebih enak kebab loh, soalnya bungkusnya ngga pake roti dan dagingnya daging panggang yang diiris tipis, bukan patty..

    @ melet : alhamdulillah, makasih. tapi itu mungkin pengaruh warna kuning yang emang cocok ama warna kulit saya. (saya udah bilang kan kalo saya yang pake baju kuning di belakang itu? yang brewo’an? :lol:)

  4. Misssssssssss….. “Pemain Figuran”nya mana? dibabat habis ya? :-S

    betewe, kau sekarang ndak di Jogja lagi po? di mana? kapan2 jalan yuk, dan pastinya, traktir!

    (ndadak pengen makan burger 😐 )

  5. mbak Lumiiiiiiii… di private beberapa menit abis di publish. isinya nyebelin sih. 😆 *nulis sendiri kesel sendiri*

    Ngga, aku di yogya kok.. *ngarepnya begitu* xD
    lagi di Jawa Barat. Ayolah kemari sebelum saya migrasi ke Indonesia bagian Timur.. 😀

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