– Always ask people you just met with: ‘How shall I address you?’. Never assume that they are your long lost sister or mother.

– Being a mature woman is hard work. But honey, the perks that entails worth every single drop of blood, sweat and tears.

– No such thing as financial freedom. What we have is a constant struggle to be able to say ‘I’m good’. And mean it.

– Women who want their men to grow up, are still girls themselves.

– You’ll always be promoted one level above your current competence. Don’t ponder, take the bloody compliment and grow.

– Respect your man, woman. I don’t care how much you got it ‘goin’ on’.

– Choose people who are worthy of your presence carefully. Yes, you are that precious. No, I don’t read Coelho.


I found her tweets (or her thoughts) are inspirational, smart and wit, provoking yet relieving.

She’s a lady in twittersphere, NG is her pseudo name. Not a twitter-celeb-kinda-like, if you define it by followers number. But I tell you, she has what I called class.

I’m your fans, NG, you have my utmost respect. *bow*


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